“Our greatest glory is not in ever
falling but in rising every time we fall”



The EQ journey started in the dusty recesses of the gym in 2009 where our founders were tired of settling for over hyped, expensive second rate supplements that were out there on the market. As a natural bodybuilder and a powerlifter, it was essential that every rep, every set and every drop of sweat counted and the incorrect nutritional support could be the difference between adding one more kilo to the Bar, squeezing out one more rep or losing that extra pound. It was also essential that the supplements that they were consuming were 100% safe and tested for natural athletes and only included the highest quality raw ingredients available.


So the EQ guys went to work on producing a focused range of products that offer the same high quality and safety assurance of a market leader along with a value that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in order to purchase. We are not claiming to be the cheapest, but what you can be sure of is that we offer a range of products that are unmatched in their quality along with the care that has been put into producing, packaging and testing it, giving you complete assurance that you are consuming nothing but the best. To achieve excellence from your training, you need the best nutrition and we’ve designed our products around the most serious competitors.


Unfortunately with the number of value and cheap imitation brands out there selling lower grade powders and pills that they have re-packaged at their unsuitable and uncontrolled warehouses, this safety and quality assurance is very hard to find. Achieving the highest quality and safety standards is at the centre of everything that the we do here at EQ Nutrition and this will never change. All EQ Nutrition products have been manufactured at the highest quality production facilities and our finished goods are tested for banned substances in accordance with the stringent Informed Sports programme.